Oyour shoot day please come to the studio 15 minutes early. This is so I can meet your dog or dogs and they can settle in. Their shoot shouldn't be rushed or stressed, we like happy relaxed dogs and that makes for happy relaxed portraits. 


Please bring the following with you:


A hair brush

- if your dog has a long coat this could be very useful.

Your dogs favourite treats

- if you think your dog will be too excited with treats then you can of course opt out of this, you know your dog best! 


Your dogs favourite toy

if you think your dog will be too excited with their favourite toy then you can of course opt out of this, you know your dog best! 


Your dogs smartest collar

- it's always nice to have the option of having their collar on or off. If you bring one please ensure it is tidy, smart and neat. 


Any doggy wardrobe items

- you may have a special bandana or a cute doggy jumper / bow tie. Whatever you have, you're most welcome to bring it. We want to create a portrait of how you best want your dog shown. If they love their fav jumper, its a welcomed addition! 


Your shoot will last for up to an hour. Sometimes shoots are done within 30mins but this really depends on the individual dog. In reality there is no set time frame and getting the perfect portrait is more important. 


After your photoshoot I will edit through your images and have them ready for you to view at a convenient time, either at my studio or a special home visit. 


Studio Viewing 

 book a time that is convenient for you to revisit the studio. This is where you can view and purchase your images. This session is included with your shoot fee. Any further sessions may incur a fee to cover extra time.


 Home Viewing 

this appointment is ideal if you are unsure of sizing or if you'd like to have a feature wall designed for your home but are unsure of how to go about it. You are welcome to book this bespoke session at your convenience. I can offer this service also if you are based further a field and would find it hard to revisit the studio. There is a mileage charge for this service which is 80p a mile from my home address (payable in advance). 


Purchases must be paid for at the time of your viewing appointment.

Orders over £350 qualify for instalment payments (minimum monthly instalments are £100 per month until the balanced is cleared, Minimum weekly instalments are £50 per week until the balance is cleared.) A deposit of £75 is due at the time of your purchase and is deducted from your balance.  You will also be required to sign a contract to agree terms and conditions.  Products are available to collect after all payments are complete. 

Welcomed payments via card machine (Debit cards, Credit cards) Contactless and cash are accepted.

Sorry no cheques.